Name: Theodore Roosevelt 19th- AKA: Theo
Nicknames: Tango Romeo One Niner, Knucklehead, Brown Dog, Bad Dog, Trash Hound
Age: 4 yrs
Breed: Chocolate Labrador
Favorite Park: Colorado Rocky Mountains
Favorite Treat: Tennis Ball and Chipmunks
Favorite Activity: Chasing the Ball, Swimming, Loving on people
“Siblings”:  Wylie, Mel, Abby and Mr. Peepers
Trick Portfolio: Downward Dog; Frog position; lying on my back and I’ll shake your hand
Good Habits: I listen… most of the time; I’m a BIG snuggler; I make people feel good
“Not-so-good” Habits: I have OCB when I want my ball- Obsessive Compulsive Barking; I drool badly when I want a treat… I mean shoestring drool.
Canine Role Model: Scooby Doo because he’s afraid of ghosts; Rin Tin Tin because he’s brave and not afraid of ghosts; Tramp because he got the girl; Hooch because he cool: Benji because he made people feel good!
Fun Facts: I love to swim and I love chasing rodents, fox, bear, prong horn and elk (although I’ve only caught chipmunks so far). I’m a true Colorado Canine and my name reflects it. I love belly rubs, ear massages, and meeting new people in my GE Johnson Therapy Dog vest!
Astrological Sign: Taurus

Contractor of Choice