Service Level Agreement (SLA) Options

We provide your organization with contract labor alternatives, eliminating the need for you to absorb the wrap rates (fringe, overhead, G&A) associated with in-house staffing. We offer an a la carte menu of options in our Service Level Agreements.

  • The base level is repair and maintenance service.
  • A second tier focuses on site safety audits and regulatory compliance assistance, and allowing our team to facilitate steering groups and manage your space planning responsibilities.
  • An additional focus can be energy and equipment lifecycle analysis, FF&E planning and procurement, facility risk assessments and value engineering.

Our Cadence

Regardless of the Service Level Agreement you choose, the GE Johnson Site Services team is committed to earning your trust. We are a process-oriented organization with a focus on safety and customer satisfaction.

We will provide processes which detail the function that we serve within your organization. We will also document work instructions which detail how team members are expected to perform their responsibilities.

We will be able to answer the questions of, “How are you doing?” and, “How do you know?” by establishing performance metrics and audits, and regularly communicating results to you in a balanced scorecard format.

We will say what we do, and do what we say, and always be able to prove it.

Our workload management strategy tracks all non-recurring work with a web-based ticketing system, thereby making our team available at your fingertips. Recurring maintenance will also be comprehensively documented from scheduling, to Job Safety Analyses, and through to archival of completed work.

Our service resources will allow for scalability. Through cross-training, documentation, and eliminating single points of failure, our group will provide a sustainable value.


The Site Services team will represent your company in a manner in which works for your organization. Be it daily, on-site support, or responding as needed to calls from your team, we want to work with your team to provide a solution which adds value.

We plan to establish a working relationship with your team that suits your company’s comfort level, be it verbal, phone, email, or even a ticketing system, we will be at your disposal. We can use your in-house Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or our own, in order to track all work performed.

In addition to providing generalists or specialists to perform routine work, we employ a Tiger Team of Subject Material Experts as needed.


Boots On the Ground

Let us staff your site with team members capable of performing routine, daily, and recurring tasks. Our aim is to maintain your site at the direction of your leadership team. We want to help to formulate a right-sized, turn-key staffing approach in order to be as LEAN as possible.

Pay by The Pound

You may not have the requirements to staff your site with full-time support. An alternative to this type of service is to pay only for work performed. We can respond as needed to service requests, be they routine or urgent, and of course after-hours. We still intend to offer the same SLA options provided by on-site team members, and provide CMMS solutions that fit your work environment.

Subject Material Experts

Our Subject Material Experts can be tasked to focus on their areas of expertise by allowing us to employ a balance of mech and tech. We want people performing the physical work to be able to focus on the industrial aspects of the task, and the people with more of an administrative aptitude to assume the responsibilities of the documentation and technology-related activities. This sets the framework of expectations, provides freedom to execute, and makes the best use of resources.

Some example areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Configuration Management
  • Electrical / Mechanical
  • Facilities Planners / CAD
  • Facilities Project Administrators (Site Leads)
  • Industrial Security
  • Property / Shipping & Receiving
  • Safety / Ergonomics

Outside Contractor Management

Let our team manage the burden of your outside contractors. We will staff your site with team members capable of managing work NOT performed by our staff, in order to provide you with a one-stop shop for all service management needs.

Examples are as follows:

  • Catering / Vending
  • Janitorial
  • Relocation
  • Security

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We value the client relationship...after we build it, we’re dedicated to sustaining it.

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Current Opportunities with GE Johnson Site Services

Ready for a career change? Interested in adding a new job classification to your resume? Join the GE Johnson Site Services team and expand your set of skills.

The Site Services Group is a new division being built to allow GE Johnson to diversify its core business and enter the Facilities Management arena. Our goal is to staff client sites with the personnel necessary to operate the facility. Whether we staff sites with full time employees, or send Subject Material Experts from site to site, as needed, our goal is to expand our business in the GE Johnson service area.

Our goal is to foster an environment of education and opportunity. Get in on the ground level and grow with the division. The sky is the limit for growth in this market.

GE Johnson Site Services is always looking for outstanding candidates.

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