Project example: Earthworks


Memorial Hospital North Expansion and Renovation

A tremendous amount of preplanning which went into the UCHealth Memorial Hospital North Expansion and Renovation project. GE Johnson was provided topographical site maps indicating the need for cuts and filling onsite to accommodate the expansion program. In order to more completely serve our client and verify existing site conditions, we completed a drone survey of the site. This 15-minute drone survey created data far exceeding that which a traditional manned survey would have been able to in two weeks of continuous GPS rover surveying. 

The survey process revealed that initial documents showed more than 31,000 cubic yards of existing soil than the site actually contained. If the design required that material as fill, it would have required importing fill at a rough price of $20 per cubic yard – a budget deficit of over $636,000! Our thorough use of technology accounted for this discrepancy, allowing our client to make the most informed decisions possible, long before any earth was moved. Furthermore, this same technology was used throughout construction to perform surveys and accurately quantify and track production. 

Yellowstone Club

The Village

On this high-end mountain base village project in remote Montana, we had the tremendous task of a completing a $6 million civil package that required moving more than 100,000 cubic yards of earth and aggregate. MEP underground digging documents were completed prior to starting earthwork to ensure safety, accurate excavation, and material placement. We completed mass excavation, cut to fill, export, import, geofoam, structural excavation and backfill, rock ripping, benching for shoring subcontractor, perimeter drain, select structural demolition, surface removals, erosion control, aggregate base course under paving, and fine grading. All of this work was completed safely, on time, and within budget!

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