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Our services are built on an understanding and ownership of each unique project. Whatever your vision, we apply the right expertise to exceed your expectations and bring your project to life.

We provide more than construction services

From vision to reality

Using advanced technology and ingenuity, our team collaborates with you to plan your project – from the grand vision to the little details. Examples include:

  • Developing conceptual estimates and 3D models to help finalize financing and expedite design and construction for the Colorado Springs Switchbacks Football Club stadium.
  • Creating visual walk-throughs of downtown Denver apartment units to help the owner visualize space and pre-sell units at The Quincy.
  • Modeling the installation sequence for long-lead equipment at Agilent Project Apothecary to advance the schedule.
  • Prefabricating concrete formwork for the Pikes Peak Summit Complex, complete with a dimensional plan and isometric view, and QR codes for assembling in sequential order.

More than 100 headwalls were prefabricated, allowing for an accelerated schedule and quality control.

Self-Performed Work

We have in-house, skilled professionals to perform earthwork, concrete, and carpentry to deliver added efficiency and quality. Examples include:

  • Moving 100,000 cubic yards of dirt at the Yellowstone Club - The Village
  • Average tenure of 13 years for our craft employees
  • 32,000 cubic yards of concrete at The Quincy, including deck prep, layout, installation of embeds, core and columns.
Special Projects

The responsiveness of a small contractor, coupled with the tools of an innovative construction leader. Examples include:

  • Building a 23,000-square-foot radio frequency-shielded (RF) room made of a copper sheathing with wave guides and electronic filters.
  • Installing a 650-pound, bronze-cast lion on top of an 18,000-pound granite plinth as the centerpiece of a memorial.
  • Performing the inspections and bringing a healthcare facility into NFPA 80 compliance, the standard used by designers and contractors for fire door protection.

Judi's House

In 2005, Judi’s House moved to their current facility so that they could handle the overwhelming growth and demand for its services. Judi’s House, a 501(c)(3) organization devoted to providing research-based care to grieving children and their families, is in Denver and has supported more than 9,000 youth and caregivers since they were founded in 2002. Judi’s House provides safe, comfortable, and compassionate support to children who are grieving the loss of a parent, sibling, or loved one – free of charge.

We donated 60 hours of project management time in addition to performing the work at cost due to limited funding. “The extra time donated was the least we could do for such a jewel in our community,” said Senior Project Engineer Lance Searcy.

GE Johnson self-performed the demolition, wood framing, drywall, and carpentry work, allowing for a compressed schedule and perhaps more importantly, a lower budget. Because the project relied heavily on in-house labor, it was completed in six weeks – a full two weeks ahead of schedule!

Our construction is built on culture

Our work is only as good as the sum of our people. Meet the team who makes our projects successful.

Give us a call, we still pick up the phone

We understand that every project is unique – including yours. Let’s talk about how GE Johnson can provide the right services for your project.

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