"I was taught, by example, that we must invest in the communities in which we work.”
- Jim Johnson, CEO, GE Johnson Holding Company

Enriching our communities is at the heart of what GE Johnson Construction Company has always been. We understand a community is built and sustained by a rich fabric of support – one in which individuals, businesses, non-profits, and local government leaders are collectively stewards of a prosperous future.

We embrace this responsibility through three main initiatives:

Business sponsorships support our partners and clients. Part of building trusting relationships includes knowing and understanding what is important to our partners and helping them reach their goals.

Engage is an umbrella within the company, which provides philanthropic giving to non-profits, a venue for impactful engagement through meaningful volunteerism, and leadership in the community. Applications for funding are accepted on an ongoing basis and are reviewed quarterly.

GE Johnson Construction Company Community Foundation continues a 50-year legacy by supporting capital expenses for program building in El Paso County and the Rocky Mountain Region. The Foundation seeks to support programs that will endure and enrich our local community.

We take great pride in investing in the communities that we serve and making them better places to work and live. This desire to give back is ingrained in our company culture and can be seen through our leadership, our volunteerism, and our financial commitments.