Redefining Possible

Building with Craig Patients in Mind

Having worked with Craig continuously for over a decade, we believe we are part of the Craig family. We understand your mission of delivering excellent patient care and top-notch research to continue to empower lives. We are humbled to be part of that mission and excited about the opportunity to work with you again. We know that this expansion is equipping your staff with resources that will allow you to create miracles every day and allow Craig patients to become graduates with maximum independence. That excites us! 

Part of the Craig Family.

Our team will be an extension of your team, immersed in your culture. We are committed to the project goals. 

Zero learning curve.

We will bring unmatched best practices from our experiences on your campus and our extensive healthcare experience.  Let us help you navigate the challenges and complexities of building on an occupied healthcare campus.

Transparent communication.

With the size and complexity of this project, communication will need to be fast, clear, and reliable to help meet our goals. Our plan includes a full-time, dedicated resource, Ross Johnson, to be the patient and owner advocate to facilitate communication between all stakeholders. 


Our focus is on you, your program, our community.

The values of Craig and GE Johnson closely align. We are committed to excellence, with a focus on value. We are committed to stewardship of Craig’s resources. In collaboration with the entire team, we will provide cost schedule certainty as we maximize value.

Our family is your family.

Todd Reynolds

Construction Executive

I was blessed to have been part of the Craig Expansion and Renovation 10+ years ago. My entire construction career has been focused on healthcare, but my experience at Craig has been the most personally rewarding.

Nate Russel

Field Operations/General Superintendent

I am excited to have the opportunity to help provide the Craig Family with another successful expansion project and instill in our team the values that Craig embraces, as well as the challenges that come with working on the campus. I also look forward to continuing the collaboration that was such a large part of the experience and helping provide the resources it will take to have another successful transformation of the Craig campus.

Chad Harris

Senior Project Manager
Primary Point of Contact

I couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to contribute to that mission by leading the construction effort on the next phases of the campus growth. My commitment to this project will be to lead a high-performing team built on collaboration, trust and ingenuity from design phase through first patient.

Andy Googins

Senior Superintendent

I have been fortunate to work on several large, complex healthcare projects throughout my career. The key to success on each of these projects has been to ensure that our planning is client focused, not simply what is most efficient for the construction itself. In my role as senior superintendent for the project, safety is of paramount importance to me. I am excited to bring that passion for safety back to Craig!

Ross Johnson

Craig Staff and Patient Advocate

Knowing that patient care is so important to the Craig Family and that construction disruptions can be very burdensome to hospital operations, I worked hard to ensure we were always looking out for patients and staff first and foremost. By the end, I received lots of positive feedback and almost developed a following looking forward to the Forecast’s release each week. Being accepted in both a new construction family and the client family is something I will always appreciate and remember.

Hand-Selected Team to bring the BEST RESULTS for Craig Hospital

We are bringing back individuals that are most familiar with your campus, process, and culture, and have added additional experts to bolster the team. Over the course of the Master Plan, we will add to our team, and you will be involved in that process to ensure we are delivering not only a great project but a great experience. Our team is an extension of yours, so it has to be the right people to keep the culture intact.

A message from our clients.

Craig Hospital Expansion and Renovation

Lee Means and Mike Fordyce

Children's Hospital of Colorado - Colorado Springs

Kid of the Quarter Program

GE Johnson and Craig Hospital share the same values. We are rooted in improving and maintaining the respect not only of clients, but of all the staff and employees of their organizations.

Craig Hospital’s culture is from top to bottom based on caring and serving the mission. This makes it easier for GE Johnson to align, as our culture is also top to bottom while improving the client experience.

Craig Hospital’s success can not only be seen in past clients but by interacting with any staff member and getting a consistent feel that you are welcomed, respected, and treated as a professional. This is the same culture GE Johnson strives to accomplish.
Jim Johnson
President, GE Johnson

We build community.

It’s one thing to say you “build community.” It’s another thing to walk the talk. Here at GE Johnson, we know we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our Craig Family. That’s why we’re working every day to pay it forward.

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