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For You & Your Family are optional events for GE Johnson employees and their family members. Presentations are delivered by GE Johnson partners.

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Next Event: Gratitude! Improve Your Mindset and Thrive

April 8, 2021 at 3:00p.m. MST Your mindset matters! Being grateful for what we have and expressing to others how they’ve impacted our lives drives us toward positive attitudes. Having an appreciative attitude will attract more good things. Join us to learn more about how an attitude of gratitude will: • Boost your happiness, improve your outlook, and make you feel better • Increase your mental and emotional resilience • Make the people around you feel appreciated • Lead to better personal connections, relationships, and opportunities

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

  • Managing risk in our personal lives is just as important in the cyber realm as it is in the physical world. With the holiday shopping season rapidly approaching, GE Johnson Risk Management and Information Technology have partnered to provide you with education on how to protect your digital accounts.

    For this installment of our For You and Your Family series, we will focus on Personal Cybersecurity. Topics include selecting strong passwords, password managers, and multifactor authentication. You can view the meeting here.

  • Learn strategies for enhancing emotional resilience from Christina Wilson, PhD. Emotional resilience is for everyone! It helps you cope better with emotional and situational stress, and can reduce stress symptoms, improve relationships, and help you better deal with conflict. View the meeting here.  

What if the key to unlocking your financial dreams was a budget? Rather than being constricting, a budget gives you power to spend responsibly. Join us for a presentation on how to efficiently budget and utilize GE Johnson’s SmartDollar partnership. View the meeting here.

Hear more about our workplace partnership with Face It Together, a nonprofit organization that provides effective, science-based, personalized peer coaching for employees and their family members living with addiction. They also provide coaching and support for loved ones affected by the disease.

If you or a loved one needs help, please reach out to Face It Together by calling or texting (855) 539-9375, or sign up for coaching at  View the meeting here

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