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Back to school looks different this year – for every school district and every student. GE Johnson is offering support for our employees as we all navigate our new learning environment for everyone from preschoolers to college students.
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Tutoring Offer

Get 10% off Club Z! tutoring sessions and first two hours of tutoring free*! Club Z! offers several school support programs, taught by highly qualified educators. Their tutors provide in-home or online support at many different levels and are available to support students with school-based distance learning programs or homeschooling programs.

*Two hours of online tutoring free, or first two hours of in-person tutoring free with 10-hour commitment, for each GE Johnson family. 
Valid until December 31, 2020.

By Location

Colorado Springs District 11

Colorado Springs District 20

Colorado Springs District 49

Douglas County School District

Pueblo School District 60 & 70


Contact Us!

Let us know if you are looking for something else to better assist you and your family. If you have a learning resource you love, please send a link to us to share with other families! 

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