Confidential Aerospace Client

IS&GS Lab Renovations

This Class 100,000 Clean Room Lab supports a cyber security division program.

Littleton, Colorado
Confidential Aerospace Client
STV Incorporated


Total Square Feet

Mission Critical Renovation

The Big Picture

This ambitious and challenging renovation involved demolishing all interior infrastructure, removing all technical MEP systems, and select exterior demolition of an existing 15,000-square-foot high bay building. After demolition, four laboratories were constructed to ISO Class 100,000 Clean Room specifications with static-control resilient, raised access floors, metal laboratory casework, and metal sound control doors. As a mission critical project, it was built to Secure Space Construction ICD 705 standards. Despite its complex nature, the project was completed in just 18 weeks.

Ingenuity in Action

An enormous amount of electricity, gas, and compressed air was required around the room, all of which needed to remain clean, accessible and flexible for future modifications. To avoid costly in-wall service runs, the team developed a removable panel system for the organization and conveyance of those utilities.


Linear feet of electrical cabling used in the project
Miles of CAT6 shielded cable pulled and terminated into 640 individual drops
The little details
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