Golden Moon Distillery


This project was a major expansion of a premium handcrafted distillery. 

Golden, Colorado
Golden Moon Distillery
Ware Malcomb


Total Square Feet

Premium Handcrafted Distillery

The Big Picture

The build-out of the Golden Moon Distillery in Golden included the installation of a 30-foot-tall grain silo, a hammer mill, a 500-gallon mash tun, and a 200-gallon lauter tun. In addition, two 500-gallon pot stripping stills, three 500-gallon fermenting tanks, two 240-gallon spirit stills, and six 50-gallon spirit stills, all with condensers and spirit columns, were installed. The project required extensive process piping, new civil tie-ins, a boiler, a chiller, a cooling tower, and an explosion-proof H-3-rated room. A barrel storage room and bottling equipment were also part of the project. 

Ingenuity in Action

The cooling tower was specified to receive 460v in a 208v building. The project team worked with the electrical engineer and electrical subcontractor to install a step-up transformer, allowing the cooling tower to receive the proper amount of power. 

Days with no injuries
Expanded still capacity in gallons
The little details
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