Moss Adams

Tenant Improvement

A unique office build out on the 19th floor of the Block 162 high-rise in downtown, Denver.

Denver, Colorado
Moss Adams


Total Square Feet

Colorado-Inspired Build Out

The Big Picture

This project is a Class A tenant improvement to a portion of the 19th floor of the 30 story Block 162 Building. Project scope includes the construction of new open office spaces and a single-user rest room for tenant convenience. This project is a build out in a new core/shell in downtown Denver and included coordination with the landlord, building approved subcontractors, City of Denver, and the client. Construction was six months.

Ingenuity in Action

CBRE Project and Development Services (PDS) oversees project management for Moss Adams. In June of 2022 Moss Adams penned a lease at Block 162, Denver’s newest skyscraper developed by Patrinely Group. The project team worked diligently with CBRE to ensure the project was streamlined, meeting budget and schedule expectations set forth by the client. Val Monrose, the project manager assigned to the project, provided feedback that “the GE Johnson team  [made] my job easy – normally when I show up for a meeting, there are a plethora of issues needing my attention, that [wasn’t] the case on this project, and I really appreciate the team’s proactiveness and communication to ensure I [was] always engaged.”

The total number of stories of the building.
weeks lead time for the sliding screens used for the build out. Additionally, these screens included unique tile imported from Europe.
The little details
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