One DTC West

One DTC West offers four sophisticated stories of ultra-modern office space.

Denver, Colorado
One DTC West
Barber Architecture


Total Square Feet

Sophisticated Office Space

The Big Picture

One DTC West is a state-of-the-art core and shell office building featuring a beautiful glass curtain wall that offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains. After the demolition of an existing parking area on the zero-lot-line site, the four-story structural steel office building and a precast parking garage were constructed. GE Johnson’s scope also included the lobby and bathroom finishes, as well as three tenant improvement projects inside the building.

Ingenuity in Action

The spandrel glass at the radius curtain wall, meant to cover features between floors, was transparent. In order to overcome this design issue, the team used metal backpan ribbon, a solution that was cost effective and is maintenance free.

Percent of the building that was leased before it was completed
Parking spaces in the garage
The little details
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