Parker Adventist Hospital

OR/Med Surge Addition and Renovation

The Parker Adventist Hospital, originally built by GE Johnson in 2003, provides excellence in healthcare for the people of Colorado. This new project included extensive additions and renovations to the existing facility.

Parker, Colorado
Parker Adventist Hospital
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The Big Picture

Since constructing the original 300,000-square-foot Parker Adventist Hospital in 2003, GE Johnson has completed numerous renovations, expansions and additions to the campus. The OR/Med Surge project included a two-story parking garage, a 24-bed neurological/joint/spine medical surgery unit, a rehab gym, and a 2-story, 6,650-square-foot building adjacent to the existing Emergency and Surgery departments. Approximately 6,500 square feet was also added above the Children’s Emergency Department. Four psychiatric patient rooms were created on the lobby level, along with four new operating rooms, staff locker rooms, a staff lounge, offices, and storage areas. A two-story precast concrete and stone veneer parking structure added 170 additional parking stalls to the campus, improving patient and visitor accessibility.

Ingenuity in Action

Due to the adjacency of the project to functioning operating rooms and office spaces, preventing construction noise and facility disruption was top of mind for GE Johnson. Construction work that was noisy and caused vibration was sometimes suspended due to the proximity to the pre-op area where patients were awaiting procedures. The project team continually communicated with Parker Adventist Hospital staff in order for everyone to work together toward the best solutions and to execute the work while managing patient experiences. This project also entailed several renovations within the PACU pre-op areas, which were all preformed with little impact to the hospital’s operations. GE Johnson’s strong relationship with the facilities and administration of Parker Adventist contributed to the successful phasing of the projects to allow for continued hospital operations.

A new building section was also added adjacent to the ambulance entry, which had to remain open and accessible for the project duration. This portion of the project was also adjacent to functioning operating rooms and the children’s hospital. These areas needed to remain open and functioning while we built in close proximity; accordingly, a temporary entrance was constructed and an elevated platform was installed for the work to occur above the ambulance drive. This approach was well coordinated with the EMS staff at the hospital so all users felt the approach was effective.

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