Town of Jackson

START Bus Operations and Storage Facility

This new facility will serve the public transportation needs of the residents and visitors of Teton County.

Jackson, Wyoming
Town of Jackson
Stantec (RNL Design)


Total Square Feet

Providing sustainable transportation needs

The Big Picture

The growing Jackson, Wyoming community enlisted GE Johnson to construct a new facility for their Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit (START) Bus operation. Having outgrown their old building, they chose to engage in a multi-phase campaign to sustain and broaden their public transportation system. The first phase involves a bus storage area, wash bay, administrative offices and an interior circulation area. The project was designed and constructed to meet LEED Silver (certification was not pursued) and includes the following sustainable strategies:

  • The walls of the building were made of precast concrete and shipped to the project site from Missoula Montana.
  • A green-roof system was installed to make this a "5-sided building".
  • All steel for the project was produced/procured in America, gaining the project a "Buy America" Certification.
  • "Solar tubes" were light-tunnels installed on the roof of the building to bring natural light into the occupied building space.
  • This building provides a controlled, interior environment for the Town of Jackson Bus System to park vehicles inside, which is especially important in the winter when sub-zero temperatures may be present for weeks at a time. This allows the staff occupants to no longer run the diesel-powered vehicles for hours before operating starts in the morning (as they had to at the old facility).
  • A vehicle-washing system was installed to clean all industrial vehicles housed in this facility.
  • The heated garage space in this project dramatically cuts down on the wear-and-tear that the cold weather causes on the Town's vehicles.
  • The cost-study analysis projects that the heated garage, bus-washing system, and overall new facility features pays back about $800,000 per year.
Ingenuity in Action

Building Information Modeling (BIM) was used for clash detection of the MEP systems. This process identified more than 25 clashes and saved a great deal of time and money by allowing the issues to be addressed in the preconstruction phase.

2500 +
Daily ridership on the Jackson START public bus system
Bay fleet maintenance facility
The little details
  • Knock-out panels were used at the north end of the building to provide easy tie in locations for Phase 2 of the project plan.
  • Provides interior bus storage for the fleet of half of the 36 fixed route buses
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