Town Hill Lofts

Sitting at the foot of Snow King Mountain in Jackson, Wyoming, the Town Hill Lofts offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the resort’s beautiful scenery and engage in a wide variety of summer and winter recreational activities.

Jackson, Wyoming
Crystal Creek Capital
Berlin Architects


Total Square Feet

Transforming Snow King Mountain's base village

The Big Picture

The Town Hill Lofts in Jackson, Wyoming provide 42,571 square feet of luxury residential space, along with 3,672 square feet of commercial space. The condominiums, within walking distance of Snow King Mountain, range in size from 800 to 1,300 square feet and will be available for short term rental. The projects marks the first major construction in the Snow King Mountain area in years and is expected to set the bar for future development.

Ingenuity in Action

This mixed-use building required a complicated combination of materials and processes – cast-in-place, precast, slab on metal deck, wood structural framing, steel structural framing, wood framed walls, floors of OSB and gypcrete. This required extensive preplanning and collaboration with engineers and architects, along with a careful, meticulous coordination of trades and craftsmen.

Snow King Mountain became Jackson’s original ski hill
Condominiums in the Town Hill Lofts
The little details
  • Early in the project, tens of thousands of cubic yards of soil had to be excavated. It was stored on an easement shared with the Snow King Mountain ski slope. As fall approached, the crew had to race to finish the project and move the soil in time for the opening of the ski season.
  • A modern design with historical character blends well into the Jackson landscape.
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