105 Mercill

Affordable housing and retail space providing safe and stable housing to the town of Jackson’s workforce.

Jackson, Wyoming
Mercill Partners LLC
Design Associates Architects


Total Square Feet

Solving Limited Housing with Development

The Big Picture

With real estate prices rising in Teton County, 105 Mercill meets a housing need in Jackson Hole that also provides missed-use retail opportunities. The land for the project is split between the new affordable housing project, Mercill Ave. condos, and the Children’s Learning Center. The units are deed restricted for individuals and families who live and work in Jackson to help solve the limited housing issue that currently exists in the area.

The three-level condominium includes an outdoor courtyard with 6,700 square feet of common space, underground parking, and over 6,500 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor. The commercial space will act as offices, retail, and a potential childcare center, all of which will greatly benefit the Jackson community.

Ingenuity in Action

The project team worked closely with the Children’s Learning Center to build a covered walkway between the jobsite and the Children’s Learning Center building, ensuring a safe entrance to their building during construction. The kids were given the opportunity to paint the covered walkway/viewing platform.

Units: 20 one-bedroom and 10 two-bedroom units.
Parking garages, 30 storage lockers
The little details
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