Creekside Elementary School

The innovative school features a 2-story classroom wing, a commons area and a single-story early education, administration, and gymnasium wing.

Boulder, Colorado
Boulder Valley School District
Bennett Wagner Grody Architects (Cannon Design)


Total Square Feet

Engaging curiosity to learn

The Big Picture

In contrast to the old Creekside Elementary School building, constructed in the 1950s, the new school is spacious and modern. The 52,000-square-foot facility has plenty of classrooms, along with a variety of open, closed and flex spaces to encourage group and independent learning. Teachers share a community office space and instead of chalkboards, large screen TVs can be found throughout the facility. Creekside is a 21st century school designed and constructed for 21st century learning.

Ingenuity in Action

The new Creekside Elementary School was being constructed while students continued to attend the old facility, adjacent to the site. Perimeter fencing and screen was erected to separate the new construction from the existing school, keeping the staff and students safe and minimizing disruptions to their educational activities. Work hours were closely monitored and disruptive events were discussed with school officials and neighbors prior to each activity.

Square footage of the old building that was demolished to make room for playgrounds and parking lots.
Countries represented in the student population of Creekside Elementary
The little details
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