Duncan Regional Hospital

ED/ER Renovation

This expanded, upgraded, ultra-modern facility will equip the hospital to better serve their community’s growing need for medical services in Duncan and the surrounding communities.

Duncan, Oklahoma
Duncan Regional Hospital


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Compassionate & Exceptional Care

The Big Picture

Originally designed and built in the early 1960s, and expanded and renovated several times over the last 55+ years, Duncan Regional Hospital’s (DRH) emergency department’s was in desperate need of an upgrade and complete rehabilitation. Over the course of the past 50 years, annual patient load grew from 4,000 to 38,000. To better serve the growing population, the triage and treatment areas of the emergency department were redesigned to improve workflow, significantly decreasing the amount of time from patient arrival to receiving care, improve upon infection controls, and increase patient privacy. The ambulance bay and the helipad have been enlarged and relocated, serving to increase hospital capacity and EMS efficiency. To ensure that the hospital could fully function throughout construction, the project schedule is completed in six phases, each strategically timed and planned to prevent disruptions with hospital operations, EMS arrivals/ dispatches, the surrounding public roads and way finding, and annual flu season influx.  

Ingenuity in Action

The team installed four new replacement chillers into a 60-year-old central plant. In order to accomplish the task, an internal overhead hoist mechanism was used to properly lift and move these massive pieces of equipment into a tight space. The overhead steel beam was left in place for any future maintenance, allowing for easier and more efficient work to be done.

New, state of the art articulating digital x-ray rooms
The last time the emergency department was renovated
The little details
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