Location: Wyoming

University of Wyoming – Science Initiative Building

The University of Wyoming Science Initiative project is a five-story building with state-of-the-art mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, along with program-specific audio/visual and IT systems to allow for real-time research collaboration using innovative active learning techniques.

Sage Living

The new Sage Living complex will occupy the northwest corner of the St. John’s Medical Center, on the edge of the National Elk Refuge.

Town Hill Lofts

A short description of the project that will appear on the project overview page to provide context.

Jackson Community Center for the Arts

The marquee Jackson Community Center for the Arts campus includes a multi-functional theater that provides a venue for a wide variety of events including concerts, theatrical plays, and musical performances. The visual, performing, and educational facility also includes a ceramics studio, dance studios, drawing and painting studios and classrooms that serve community organizations and academic institutions.